Suicide Information & Reports

National Office for Suicide Prevention Annual Report 2014

In communities across Ireland, suicide generates feelings of grief, apprehension and concern. For every Irish person who dies by suicide, many others attempt to end their lives, and many more experience the despair that leads them to consider suicide. Historically, as a nation, we have struggled to talk openly about suicide and how it impacts on us. However, our national conversation is growing and we are becoming better at discussing and addressing issues relating to our mental health.

Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide 2013

On average, more than 6,000 individuals take their own lives by suicide each year across the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI). Some of these deaths attract media attention. Suicide is a complex topic and presents a distinct set of challenges for the journalists who report on it. They have to balance a range of factors including what is in the public interest and the risk of encouraging imitative behaviour. At the same time they must guard against intrusion into the grief and shock of the bereaved while considering industry regulation and codes of practice.

The National Registry of Deliberate Self Harm Ireland 2013

Considering that the rate of self-harm in 2013 was still 6% higher than in 2007, before the economic recession, this underlines the need for continued implementation and evaluation of programmes to increase awareness of mental health issues among the general public and professionals involved in supporting people who are unemployed and those experiencing financial difficulties.

Technology, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Ireland

While many of us remain reluctant to ask for help when we are going through tough times, the internet has become the great enabler of the 21st century. Online services allow individuals to gain the knowledge and confidence they need to bring private concerns towards inter-personal solutions. From the perspective of people already engaged in mental health services, the provision of online information, support and therapy is empowering and increases knowledge around available support options. Furthermore, online mental health platforms are democratising and allow a wide range of voices to shape and influence dominant discourse.

Understanding the Impact of the Economic Recession and Austerity on Suicide and Self-harm in Ireland

The examination by the RTE Investigations Unit may not have picked up on the impact of the economic recession on suicide in Ireland because their research only compared suicide rates of individual years. As a consequence, the magnitude of change in suicide rates associated with trends over time was not taken into account.