Suicide Information & Reports

Irish National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention 2005-2014

There is no single intervention or approach that will, in itself, adequately challenge the problem of suicide in Ireland. A strategic framework is required to assist all of us in identifying actions we can undertake in a coordinated way, through partnership working between statutory, voluntary and community groups and individuals, supported by Government. Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention – from the health sector to our schools, community groups and those in private enterprise.

HRB Suicide, Attempted Suicide and Prevention in Ireland

The main subjects of HRB in-house research are alcohol and drug use, child health, disability and mental health. The research that we do provides evidence for changes in the approach to service delivery. It also identifies additional resources required to support people who need services for problem alcohol and drug use, mental health conditions and intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities.

Changing Attitudes to Suicide in Ireland

A survey on attitudes to suicide in Ireland, commissioned by the Irish Association of Suicidology, was formally launched by Mr Tim O’Malley, Minister for Disability and Mental Health, on 1 November 2006. The Association was founded in 1996 three years after the decriminalisation of suicide. At that time suicide was very much a taboo subject. 2006 seemed an opportune time to have some measure of public attitudes to suicide.