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Colm killeen

February 21, 2012

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it might of been a few years ago since u took ur own life,but the pain never goes away, the hurt, anger ,confusion is still here. your face is the first thing i see when i wake n the face i see when i sleep, every nigh ur in my dreams every day ur in my thoughts every prayer i mention u. i will never get over losing u and the hardest part is knowing u were all alone,knowing u had no-one there to comfort u, the last time i spoke to u was the day before and i fought wit ya over something stupid and il always regret it,the guilt will never go away. i love u wit all my heart and will never forget u. u’l always be the bro who i was very proud of,in life and in death xxx ” i hope u are now at peace” The pain of losing u will never go away! your face is always der in the morning, in the evening and in my dreams. your in my thoughts every day, some are funny were they make me smile and some just make me sad. i miss u so much and everyday the pain just gets deeper. love u forever n always xxxxx.

Posted By his loving sister Sabrina.