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Jackie McGuire

February 21, 2012

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To my beautiful baby girl, Jackie. The complete utter shock that you are gone is unfathomable. The numbness, the disbelief that this has happened, the desperation to find a logical explanation is a living nightmare that only other mothers who have lost a child can relate to. You were only a child of 15 years. I know you didn’t realise the life-changing consequences that you would cause by just one action. I wish and will continue to wish that you could have come to me and said how you were feeling. Jackie, you will always be in my heart as you were and still are like a bright shining star in my life. I will continue to love you deeply just as I will continue to grieve you just as deeply. The most thing I would want you to know is that I am very proud to be your mum and that I needed you here more that you needed to go. Love you always & forever, Mum xx