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Jamie Doyle

March 1, 2012

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Day by day I think of you, How can all of this be true? I can’t believe you’re really gone, I still can’t accept it, Even after so long. Just the thought of you makes me cry, I never even got the chance to say goodbye. Every picture, every letter, I don’t know if it will ever get better. I always smell your familiar scent, It makes me think of all of the times we’ve spent. I know we didn’t always get along, And every time we talked, it would always go wrong. So many things I never got to say, I never imagined you’d ever be so far away. You were my brother, And I loved you like no other. In my heart you’ll always be, You’ll be my guide and help me see. I’ll never forget your soothing voice, I would take your place if I had a choice. But now I have to let you rest, Although without you my world’s a mess. I miss you with all of my heart, I wish we never had to part. I know you’re always by my side. Posted By Eldest Brother or Bruv Martin.